Sunday, March 02, 2008

random things about me

ok, so i got tagged by amir over at even though i try really hard to keep this blog focused on singleness and related triumphs and struggles, i'll digress a little just this once and post ten random facts about myself.

1. i'm ridiculously tall and skinny (at least so far in my life. people keep telling me that will change, but at 28 it hasn't changed much). i'm 6'1"

2. i've had jaw surgery twice and have seven screws in my jaw

3. i love hockey. it's my favorite sport to watch, and i played some in high school.

4. i love god. i love knowing that no matter what the future holds, if i'm seeking him, then i'm constantly being made more like Him. so even though in 10 years i may not have what i want right now, i'll still be more like Him than i am right now.

5. i really enjoy the emerging church movement and how it's stretching my faith.

6. i really enjoy reading, learning and talking about relationships and relational growth. likewise i like listening to and encouraging people in their relational journeys.

7. i love good food and good wine, and i love them even more when good friends and good conversation are thrown in.

8. i lived in rome, italy for a year. i was interning with campus crusade for christ. i loved being in rome. i think i could throw a dart at europe, go where the dart landed, and enjoy myself.

9. music! electronica, 80s, europop, techno, alternative, some rap & hip hop. i love good tunes.

10. last but not least, i once was madly in love with and thought i would marry a guy named zsolt. yeah, really.


Amir Larijani said...

See, that wasn't difficult. ;)

I'd have to reach high to hug you, but that would actually be good for my back. LOL

sarah cool said...

ahhhh... the zsolt years!!!!!! i don't miss that pain, but i DO miss the fun we all had together!!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce the zs in Zsolt?

single/certain said...

it's kind of like jolt, but that first sound is soft... like, ever heard of zsa-zsa gabor? we don't have the sound in english. the name is hungarian.

Anonymous said...

...and you like scandinavian pop

Angel said...

I've been hearing a lot about this emerging church movement. I should check it out.

single/certain said...

anon... (as if i didn't know who you are!) yes, i LOVE scandinavian pop. i think i need to go listen to some more of it... :-)

single/certain said...

angel, you should def. check out the emerging church movement. an awesome book to read that i think you might like (from reading some of your blog) is called sex god, and it's by rob bell. and no, it's not about what you think it's about. check it out!!!!

D said...

Zsolt is a fine Hungarian name!

single/certain said...

zsolt was (i'd say 'is', but i haven't seen him in like 5 years) a fine (half) hungarian guy.

Angel said...

Well, I didn't get the sex god book, but I did pick up "The Heart of Christianity" by Marcus Borg. So far, I've read the first 2 chapters, and it is affirming things that I have felt in my heart for quite some time now.

Interestingly enough, the new church that I have been attending for the past month has a group that is going through the book. Unfortunately, they are about to be done for the year, but maybe I can join in next time.

Thanks for the suggestions, single/certain!

SavvyD said...

Do you want me to send you Astro when I am done with him? 6'8"!!!!! Hope you're doing great!