Wednesday, January 07, 2009

and i'm back again!

so for the two of you who still check in every so often, sorry. not only did i quit my job, as i mentioned earlier, but i also moved. i couldn't find a roommate to move in with me in my apartment, so instead i moved in with a friend who has a fantastic house about ten minutes away from where i was living.

so yeah. i made a few changes! so far, so good. i have my first class on saturday morning. and i've been away from work for almost a month! can i just tell you how awesome that is? if you work in the business world, and you've never just taken two weeks off, you seriously should. if it were up to me, there'd be a mandatory shut down at christmas time. and another in the summer, too. it's just so nice to have time to do whatever. of course, i've been moving, which takes tons of time, and there were all kinds of random holiday-related things, and let's-get-ready-for-school things, and etc, etc.

so, a new year, and new thoughts. many of those thoughts stem from my new place in life, and the decisions that i made to get here. i'll try to be more timely about those thoughts now that i'm a little more settled in :)