Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a happy, hope-filled holiday season?

strolling through my local target tonight, i had my first big christmas retail experience of the season. trees, lights, ornaments, christmas dishses, christmas towels... you name it, they had it. and it's not even thanksgiving yet. i even almost bought a christmas gift, but i didn't have cell service in the store so i couldn't call my friend to ask if her mom wants a certain home decor item for christmas.

as i meandered through the christmas ornament aisle, i noticed a young couple looking at ornament packages. they seemed to be trying to decide what color scheme to go with. that seems like it would be fun, i thought, smiling. picking out your first christmas ornaments and decorations together. sure, i could buy a tree and decorate it myself, or do it with my roommate, but i don't think either of us will be around much during the holidays. and besides, as most of you would probably agree, it's just not the same.

the cool thing about seeing this couple was what happened inside me... i was really happy for them! and my happy thoughts for them were followed by happy thoughts for me; someday i'll do that. not this year, probably not next year, but someday. and it feels good to feel happy. to be able to be happy for someone else and happy about the hope that i have.


singlechristianman said...

Christmas may be a time where we informally have a reckoning of accounts with people in the emotional sense. That is to say, even for secular people, that "peace on earth, good will to men" business may actually bring them to a place of forgiveness towards others (necessary because of the events of the year).

shoooey said...

very nice sentiments.

by the way, i looked forward to that, too. except - after marriage, i learned my husband couldn't care less about our holiday color scheme! or our tabletop scheme. or our bedroom sheet colors. the (usually house and home-oriented) retailers like to paint the picture that this is something a lot of couples do. maybe some do, but we don't.

we collaborate on other projects, though. that is definitely a fun part of marriage.

single/certain said...

yeah, scm, it might be christmas. but dangit, i'm going to chalk some of it up to the fruit of obedience and trusting in god! i need all of the encouragement i can get!

single/certain said...

ahh, shooey... thanks for reminding me that not all my marriage fantasies will come true :-)