Wednesday, November 07, 2007

hurting someone sucks

it just does. especially when you know you could have avoided it. of course, i would say that being hurt sucks more. as sad as i feel right now, i'm sure seth probably feel worse.

why do we always think we can take short cuts or be reckless or negligent, and nothing will come of it? i see so many things i shouldn't have done. we were just friends, but i never talked about dating or relationships around him. i avoided topics like that because i knew that they'd create distance. seth admitted last night that he avoided admitting he liked me because he knew that meant he'd lose me. so we both denied and avoided... until suddenly i found myself curled up on the couch with him.

i never want to think i am capable of being as selfish as i was with seth. but i am. such a scary reminder of all the crap that hides in a human heart. i've asked forgiveness from god and seth, and have received it from both. that feels good.

i am hoping and praying that this won't happen again. i'm also hoping and praying seth is able to heal and connect to others, and that at some point we'll be able to be friends again.


singlechristianman said...

Brother...I know you labored
so heart to please.../
yah yah yah
But I cut you down and I left you../
on your kneeeees,
well, I know it muhhhhst me/
(yah) time, to get down on my knees
a praaaay, Lord undo mee....

Jennifer Knapp, the first lady of christian music, in the song "Undo me".

single/certain said...

exactly. undo me. thanks, scm.