Thursday, March 27, 2008

not related to anything!

this song is amazing. the joy it puts inside me is indescribable.
go to 7 digital and by it and all the remixes of it, especially the bimbo jones remix. the only way i can tie this to relationships or anything like that is that i would play this song at my wedding reception when my wedding party and me and my husband enter the reception hall.


shuester said...

the video is even cuter than the song :).

you would definitely start the marriage off on a positive note!

single/certain said...

i know..... i love the two microphones facing eachother.

yay positive!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have time to listen to the whole song, but I really enjoy what I've heard so far.

*Sigh* I commented on Puritan Calvinist's blog and Ted Slater b--ched me out, jumping to the conclusion that I thought Boundless was "anti-education". I told him to chill out and that I didn't want to argue with him.

*Lightening bolt comes down on Exchurchmouse for telling major Christian person in vocational ministry to chill out.*

single/certain said...

wow! ted slater gave you the beatdown, eh? i have to go look that up!

don't mind him, anyways. boundless is kind of silly sometimes.

Angel said...

I think you should play this song for your first dance. That'll liven things up!

Anonymous said...

It's a cute song...maybe a little too bubblegummy for my nuptials (when that ever happens), but if you like it, that's cool.

From time to time, I have been searching for alternatives to the traditional "bridal chorus" song as that's soooo overplayed and overused and overcommercialized.

I do have in mind "Omega" by Rebecca St. James for the recessional. In the meantime, I have other details to take care of, like...uh...finding a husband (:


Paul Bernard said...

Hey, nice blog.

Just wanted to say thanks for kind comments on mine.

Anonymous said...

Where have been you been, single/certain?