Thursday, July 24, 2008

too much to think tonight

You will never find anyone
To come along and take you by surprise
Because you’ve had too much to think tonight.

The Futureheads, Think Tonight

some sage advice from a silly song. i love it. of course, i also love the driving beat and punkish guitar, not to mention the hig-pitched 'ha ha ha ha's.'

i want to be taken by surprise! i want some great dude to show up when i least expect it. so obviously, i have to stop expecting it. i have to turn off the over-analyzing and the what-if fantasies that often play in my head before i go somewhere. it's hard when my head (and heart) have been over-analyzing for like 15 years. ridiculous, i know.


sarah cool said...

nice comment on the boundless blog. i about died when i read what she wrote. this is inappropriate as well, but the word i was thinking was "bitch."

single/certain said...

lol, thanks sarah :) yeah, i know she has a good heart, but sometimes she comes off like, well, like that word you wrote :)

SavvyD said...

Aww, yeah, but that's so hard. Things are so different now. you know I've written about that whole least expecting thing and the too picky thing and all of that. I had a nice date with Swing. :)

Emily said...

Hi S/C -

This is Emily/Exchurchmouse. You will seem me flip flop between Emily and Exchurchmouse, depending on which mode I chose to use to sign in.

Sarah cool -
Hey - who was being a bitch?
Sometimes you gotta call it like it is, sister.

I think that I am kind of an anomaly for an American woman. I am really not interested in dating or men, but I do tend to feel connected to specific individuals and that leads me into trouble. I am in my late twenties, but I dated very heavily in my early twenties.

But if I am "crushless" I am quite happy. But when I am really interested in someone, then I tend to have trouble handling it when there isn't parity of interest. In fact, I tend to err on the side of caution by regarding everybody as a platonic friend - meaning I try to keep everyone on equal footing, regardless of who I am attracted to. Okay, I don't want to bore anybody so if you want to know more, I will email you.

I have to go to the bank and I have a party to get ready for, so I should really get my butt off my chair and get going.

The Learner said...

Hey S/C,

Did you see you are the author of one of the top 100 christian relationship blogs according to these guys:

Congratulations! ;)

single/certain said...

omg! that is so cool, thanks learner! :)