Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a boyfriend i didn't know i had!

so apparently vball dude and i are dating, and i had no idea! will wonders never cease!?

saturday night i got a call from an old friend. i let it go to voicemail, as it was late, i had just gotten back from a pool party, and i was ready for bed. but then my friend, trevor, texted me. call me! it's urgent-ish!!! urgent-ish? umm, ok.... i let out a nice sigh and went out on the deck to call him back so i wouldn't wake my roommate.

the first words out of his mouth when he answered the phone were so i hear you have a hot boyfriend!!! umm... i do? i replied. yeah! some guy from the trip! trevor tossed out a couple of names that were close to vball dude's. uh, do you mean vball dude? yeah! he shouted. vball dude! i hear you guys got together on that trip you took!

at this point i just started laughing. i told him that no, we weren't dating, at least not to my knowledge. aww, bummer he said. no biggy i said. but where did you hear this!? you weren't on the trip, and you don't even go to our church! turns out his coworker was on the trip, and she heard the rumor from another girl who'd also been on the trip.

the whole thing made me laugh. i've never had rumors spread about me! i have to admit, i kind of like it :) of course, i probably like it because vball dude is tall, good-looking, a solid leader, and oh yeah i kind of have an on again, off again crush on him. but seriously... where on earth did this come from!? it wasn't like we spent tons of time together on the trip. he talked to and spent time with a lot of girls while we were down there. (that's another topic for another time...) i really can't think of anything that happened that would have made anyone think we were dating.

oh well. like i said, i like it. i feel popular... like people think i'm dating a celebrity or something! vball dude is prett well known, especially now that he's been interviewed onstage about the trip. (i know, i know... kind of lame. hey, i'll take what i can get, ok?!)


SavvyD said...

Now that's funny, and embarrassing. Do you think it might be the little jump start he needs to get going? Or are you not interested any more?

At the same time, this is how it starts...they see talking in public and next thing you know you are dating.

To get people to really talk, it might be fun to get him to hold something while you go to the bathroom. That's definitely boyfriend stuff. ;)

MAX said...

wow, gossip spreads like wildfire! at least this one's a fun one. :) you gonna milk it? teehee

meredith said...

SC! how are you? what is new these days?

Anonymous said...

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single/certain said...

nah, david.... it ain't going nowhere :) i'm not interested anymore, and he never was in the first place. thanks for the tip, though.