Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i want a medal!

sometimes, i want a medal. i want recognition for being 28, a virgin, and relatively healthy and well-adjusted. and i want to give medals to a whole bunch of my friends. like andy, who's just shy of 40, one of the most godly and handsome men i know, and still single. and my friend lea, who's 32 and arty and fabulous and still single.

i want there to be a big ceremony for me and my single friends at church. or maybe just a sunday where the sermon is all about how to be a good, god-loving single person. how to serve your friends and family, affirmations that you're doing a good job, and that god still loves you. and the pastor would talk about how tough it is; all the crap we have to deal with. all the things geared toward couples and families, the loneliness of coming home to your still-empty apartment or your roommate and her boyfriend watching a movie on the couch. he would tell humorous insightful stories about the single life, and force all the married, divorced and widowed people to listen to them. there'd probably be a story about when you get wedding invitations and you have to deal with that whole 'and guest' thing.

the ceremony/sermon thing would be 'for everybody' the same way all the sermons i've sat through about marriage or kids or in-laws are. but really it would be just for those of us who always have been and still are single. and just for a minute we would secretly feel all full of ourselves and smile at all the clueless faces around us.

(i promise i'm not as bitter as i sound, but, i did say i'd be honest...)

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