Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a very healthy attitude toward seeking a spouse

i read an article on solo femininity today which i think sums up what seems to me is the best attitude for a single person to have toward finding a spouse:

The emphasis here is on living a God-glorifying existence, married or single. The reason for this is that searching for a mate can easily slip into idolatry. But laziness and passivity also can easily hide under the guise of trusting God. One can be proactive to a proper degree about finding a spouse, but one always needs to vigilant about what's lurking in the heart if a spouse doesn't turn up in the time or manner expected (demanded?) of God. I liken this to the mix of human responsibility and divine sovereignty in the matter of evangelism. I believe Scripture's clear emphasis is on God's sovereignty in saving people, but the Bible also clearly teaches human responsibility in preaching the gospel. So though none of us can actually regenerate another human being, we get out there and share the gospel, we invite our neighbors to outreach events, we serve the poor and needy--and we trust God for the results.

that's from Carolyn McCulley's Blog, Solo Femininity. the post is entitled Raising the Stakes. And i think she's spot on with it.

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