Tuesday, January 22, 2008

misc stuff and about that date

this past weekend my friend bev and i took a trip to portland, oregon. we went because we're both big fans of don miller (author/speaker, known for blue like jazz and other books), rick mckinley, and the church rick started called imago dei. plus we both like wine a lot, and portland is not far from wine country.

we had a great time. i think we basically ate and drank as much of the city and the surrounding wine country as we could in three days. it was great. if you have the chance, get to portland. it's a cool town. and imago dei is a cool church.

the plane rides gave me a lot of time to think and journal and pray about a lot of things. i'm thinking some of those things will turn into posts here.

i got home around eleven last night, worked a half day today, then went to the grocery store. and i still haven't texted or called the guy from the hockey game. as an anonymous commenter noted on the previous post, the fact that he's 6'9" doesn't erase the fact that he gave me his number instead of asking me for mine. nor does it erase the fact that he asked me out via text message. i know i may sound harsh, but come on. he's a big boy, he can take a risk or two. add to that the fact that i'm about 95% sure he doesn't love jesus, and well, i'm not all that interested.

so i'm hoping he doesn't text me anymore, but i'm guessing i won't be that lucky. i'll keep you posted.


Amir Larijani said...

The fact that he's 6-9 only means he's tall. Reminds me of a friend of mine from college. He's 6-5, but--because he suffers from chronic assholery (he has a habit of stringing women along without commitment, then gripes about why he is single)--he remains a bachelor in spite of having many women who have wanted to marry him over the years.

He makes excuses for not taking risks, but--for crying the heck out loud--he ain't gonna get married if he doesn't have the stones to go out on a limb.

Now ask me how I really feel. I'll try not to hold back...

single/certain said...

amir, you are awesome. i think i may write a whole post around that comment you left about physical limits and stuff. rock on wit your bad self!!!!