Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i'd rather get out and meet some new people

i've thought a lot about the whole 'work or wait' dilemma lately. i think i've found a solution that i really like. and it fits in with my theme for 2008: the year of quality.

as i've said before, i'm so not about changing my life drastically so i can meet guys. i'm also not about internet dating. i've tried it several times before, and i just don't like it. plus it just makes me feel like a judgmental jerk, and like i'm wasting my money. i'll sign up, and then a week later i realize i'm paying like thirty bucks a month to close out or ignore a bunch of guys i think are really skeezy. i know it really works for a lot of people; i just can't do it.

one thing i want to be about is trying new things. this past summer i started playing volleyball with friends on sunday nights, and that lead to me playing in a fall league where i met volleyball dude. sure, nothing happened with him, but he was an added bonus to the whole volleyball experience. i learned something new, overcame some insecurities i had, had a great time, and i met a tall, good-looking, quality guy.

i haven't thought of any specific things yet, but i'm keeping my eyes and ears open. i might give the volleyball league another shot; i had a lot of fun with it and it kept me in shape. but i want to try other things too. that whole 'well-rounded' thing really appeals to me. and sometimes i can get really sedentary and just kind of roll with whoever is around and whatever is happening. that's not a bad thing, but it's what i've been doing for several years now, so i know how it works out.

personal growth is always a good thing. and if god brings some great guy my way in the midst of it, i definitely won't complain.


Anonymous said...

You could always try some form of social dancing.

- Charles

Amir Larijani said...

I used to do the volleyball thing, until I blew out my back. Now I'm restricted to the elliptical jogger and the stationary bike.

Seriously, I hear ya about the online dating services. I have subscribed to several over the years, and the women in my age bracket--in my locale--who are single are either (a) divorced, (b) unstable, (c) immature.

I realize, however, that there are women who have experienced that same dynamic with respect to the men. You have no doubt chronicled that very thing.

I once remarked to Debbie Maken that what we need to do is get those Godly single women--who can't find men to ask them out--into the same venue with the godly single men who cannot find them in their respective locales, and you'd see more marriages happening. I was only half-joking.