Monday, January 14, 2008

don't ignore that funny feeling

it's funny how sometimes even though you know a situation you're in probably isn't good for you (or anyone else involved), you stay in it because it feels good and because there's no 'hard evidence' that it's really all that bad. you just have that feeling that something is kind of weird.

i had that 'this isn't quite right' feeling the last few times i hung out with seth. heck, i'd had it on and off the whole time we were friends. i think it got a little more intense at the end because we were talking more and hanging out more. it felt like we were too close. when we'd hang out with our group of friends, i had this weird feeling of being too attached to him. like he wasn't connecting to the others because he didn't need to—he had me. i felt drawn to him because i knew he wanted to be near me, but i also felt the unhealthiness of it. i just didn't do anything about it until it was too late.

and so this is just a reminder to listen to that little voice in your head or your heart. if you even feel a little bit of weirdness or unhealthiness, do something about it. talk to someone, change your behavior, something. just because you can't see the consequences, or you don't think there'll be any, doesn't mean they won't show up. walk the narrow path; it ends up being much much easier.


The Learner said...

and so this is just a reminder to listen to that little voice in your head or your heart

S/C, I hear ya. I could have avoided relational heartache and confusion as well over the holidays if I had listened to that little voice in my head/heart. Anyone in that position can try to learn from the experience but I am thinking that the trick is in learning why we choose to ignore what we know is better in that moment and deal with that why.

single/certain said...

good point, tl. getting at the root of it. i think i need to think a little more on the 'why' in this situation... i have definitely done similar things before.

Amir Larijani said...

My favorite President--Ronald Reagan--once said, "Never be afraid to see what you see."

He forgot to add, "And when you see it, act decisively."