Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i have my sh*t together, and you probably do too

there comes a time where you have to say, ok, i am more than 'ok' enough to be in a relationship. we're all imperfect, and we're all going to be some level of imperfect until we die.

i've been to therapy (every once in a while i go back, just to chat and check in, and because i like my therapist a lot), traveled, learned a lot, held a steady job at a great company for 4 years, had great friendships with guys and girls, i get along great with my dad and brother, i play well with others, and my relationship with god is really solid.

i will always have issues. there will always be, at any given moment in my life, things that aren't the way i want them to be, or issues i am struggling with, or things i wish god would change. i'll never get there. and that's ok!

i'm proclaiming this because every day, imperfect people get married and have imperfect marriages that work and are good and glorify god. these people are not better or worse than me. i feel like i have spent so much of my life thinking a relationship won't happen now because i still have to _________. i will always have blanks to fill! so will you! so will all the married people!

the other day i caught myself thinking, hmm, a relationship probably won't happen now because i need to get some strong girl friendships formed first. yeah, i do need some girl friendships, but that doesn't mean i can't meet a great guy and start getting to know him while i'm building relationships with girls.

i just don't want to paralyze myself by constantly thinking oh, it can't happen now. it might, it might not. only god knows.


Anonymous said...

i'm happy you dislodged yourself from that line of thinking.

why trap yourself into trying connect things that are pretty much unrelated to each other?

and, what's the sense of saying something "won't" or "couldn't" happen, just because something else is or isn't happening?

of course, we all play these mental mind games. i'm just happy you were able to snap yourself out of it!

i encourage everyone out there to unshackle your mind from whatever closes you off to the happy surprises that make life fun.

MAX said...

I love this post! I TOTALLY relate. I used to think that ALL the time: "I must not be single because I'm not ____." Or I'm not single because I still have to work on _____."

But you're right. Even married couples have plenty of holes. And that's ok! Nothing wrong with where we are, as long as we're moving forward.

P.S. Wrote a few new posts just for you. ;)