Sunday, December 02, 2007

waiting... hard!!! that dude i met while playing volleyball several weeks ago has yet to reappear, and it's really annoying me. he's come up in conversation a few times with friends, and i've met a few more people who know him, but that's it. at work recently a girl came up to me and said, hey, so i hear you met volleyball guy! yes, i replied, i did... he's really cool. and that made me think, hmm.... ok, he mentioned me to his friend. that's a good sign, right? sure. i'll take what i can get. :-)

it's really kind of surreal. i feel like like we live in separate parallel universes. we know the same people, do similar things, attend the same church, but our paths only crossed one random time, and never again since.

i don't want to over-think this. he's just one guy, and i talked to him one time. but i don't meet many quality guys who really spark my interest, so when i do, i want to make sure i act accordingly. i put the word out with a girl i know who's in his small group. she knows that i met him and was interested. and that's really all i can do. i have to just wait and see.

but the waiting is so hard! holy crap. i really believe that as women we're supposed to be pursued. so i have made my interest known, tried to make myself available, and now i just have to wait and see. and that is just frustrating. to sit and trust god that his perfect will will happen without me messing around with things.

but i can DO this. i know i can. so i'm shutting up about this dude. i'm not asking anymore friends about him, i'm not going to whine to anyone else about how frustrating it is that i met him one time and haven't seen him since. if he really is quality and really is someone i should get to know, he and god will work that out. in the meantime, i'll just keep praying.......


D said...

You are so right about wanting to be pursued. Seems like guys today are too used to video games and doing their own thing. Gorgeous women are supposed to fall into their laps. Most def don't get hung up on any one guy. You may not be his type. Keep moving.

Love your blog!!

Monday Morning Power said...

Feel free to trash this comment, but I have to make it. My first impression when I come to your site is sad, dreary, not the type of place that I want to linger at. Maybe that is what you are looking for?

The post titles of gray on black makes it very hard to read.

Also, without pictures, I just want to go right on by.

Like I said, feel free to trash my comment, I won't be hurt. I just believe to telling it how it is.

single/certain said...

d! i have linked to your blog: thanks for commenting. you rock

single/certain said...

mpm: thanks for your input. yeah, i went for the black/orange/gray combo for several reasons. i'm a designer, and i do most of my work for the web. you're not necessarily my target audience, so it's ok that you think the site is 'dreary.' also, i'm going for a bit of grunge and mystery. plus i just really like black, gray and orange :-). this being my personal site, i may periodically change the design/layout. esp if if i talk myself into learning css!

as for pics, sure, i could post random stock imagery or something, but why? just because? i'm thinking my target audience is here for the content & the discussion, not random pics.

i will think about the color change, though. we'll see! thanks!

Monday Morning Power said...


You have a purpose and a reason.

That's all anyone can ask.